Our support of these missionaries and ministries is through “Faith-Promise” giving and our Church budget. Faith-Promise pledges are received in March of each year and the money pledged goes directly to the missions and ministries listed below. Also, for the past 18 years our congregation has sent short term mission teams to Merida, Mexico. We send these mission teams to Mexico about every two years.  




Tim and Vicki Barton

Tim is the Pastor of Jordan Presbyterian Church in West Jordan, Utah. Though Salt Lake County is 65% Mormon, many are moving into the area with no faith affiliation. Tim and Vicki are seeking to reach the Mormon and non-Mormon population with the good news that Christ and Christ alone is the “way the truth and the life”. Their church’s motto is “Knowing Christ Above All Else.”  Tim and Vicki have two children. Timothy (who is married to Caryann, the daughter of Garry and Anita Chambers) and is a church planting apprentice in Utah and Allison who moved with them and has since married Donovan Rogers, an elder at Jordan Presbyterian Church. The Barton’s now have three grandsons all living in nearby.


Garry and Anita Chambers

After serving 20 years with Lumiere Medical Ministries in Haiti, the Chambers are now serving under Mission to the World in Belize, Central America where they will continue in the medical field.  Their goals include evangelism, church growth, and good health promotion for the people of Belize. Garry and Anita have three children, Caryann, Amy and Rebecca.


Roger and Laura Dye

Are serving with Mission to the World. They are involved in Church Planting in Vina del Mar, Chile. Roger’s responsibilities include preaching, disciplining, and training leaders. Laura’s music is used in worship and outreach. They have three children, Deanna Marie, Isaac Solomon and Hudson Richard.


J. R. and Eliza Foster

J. R. is serving with Reformed University Fellowship in Virginia. He ministers to students at Virginia Tech and finds his work both rewarding and challenging as he helps students face today’s problems. J. R. and Eliza have two sons, Ethan and Blake.


Gabriel and Norma Glory

Serves in  Merida, Mexico underPresbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. They minister in the Seminary in San Pablo, in the Shalom Presbyterian Church and two sister churches. They are working in administration and construction and also direct a marriage study. Gaby and Norma have two children, Gabriel, Jr. and Diego.



This family is serving with Mission to the World in a very sensitive area in the Middle East. They nurture the Church through discipleship, leadership development, theological education, and ministries of mercy. 


Larry and Sandy Rockwell

Serving under Mission to the World, the Rockwell’s are serving in the Andes Mountains of northern Peru.  99% of the Quechua people of Peru are untouched by the gospel. They live as they have for centuries, steeped in pagan religious rites and practices, existing on Subsistence farming. Larry’s gift of teaching and love for God’s word along with his agricultural and electronics background appears to make him a perfect fit for this ministry. Sandy will be utilizing her administrative gifts to assist the team as needed. Larry and Sandy have three children, Amy, Lynae, Mackenzie


Aaron and Leticia Zapata

Serve with Mission to North America inEl Paso, Texas. Their ministry is to share the Gospel with Spanish speaking young people. The Zapata’s have seen the Lord at work, drawing together a congregation where none existed before. They have three children, Aaron, Jr., Marcos and Ana.




His Laboring Few

A national organization based in High Point that witnesses for Christ among those in the motorcycle world. It also has a prison ministry that reaches out to inmates and supports their families and a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in High Point.


Pregnancy Support Center

A Christ-centered pro-life ministry serving women with unplanned crisis pregnancies and a host of other related problems. The Center’s function is not only about saving babies, but about saving marriages, saving souls, young people saving themselves for marriage and strengthening families.


Rowan Helping Ministries

With a blend of paid and volunteer staff, RHM offers the ministry of mercy to those in need. It depends entirely on the prayers and financial support of churches and individuals around Rowan County.


West Rowan Bible Teachers Association

Supports the Bible Teachers in the West Rowan area who are teaching Bible in the Public Schools as a history course. For a half-century these teachers have added greatly to the religious life of the community through teaching Bible to our young people.




...A Quiet Place in the Country to Worship God.

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